GeDaD-MCS-Update to 1.5

I am happy to announce that the MCS update is available. We have publish the new MCS V1.5. The board is fully compatible to the MCS V1.2 there are no electrical big changes. The basefunction are the same, but we have optimized a few small things for easier handling:


Further we have publish a plugin for SignalK so you can use the board directly without Openplotter in SignalK:


For more details see the git repo:

Key facts:

Already available:

• Easy-to-use all-round adapter board for Marine application

• Combines different interfaces

• Usable with Raspberry Pi 3,4

• Large inpu tvoltage range(8-28V)

• Integrated 5V Power adapter

• Autoshutdown for power down the Pi and shutdown the board

• 6x NMEA0183® compatible interfaces (configurable as input or output)

• 1x NMEA2000® compatible interface

• 1x 1-Wire® interface with real 1-Wire® standard

• 1x 5V tolerant I²C® interface

• 4x digital Inputs

• Ready to use open source app for OpenPlotter


Whats New?:

• SignalK Intigration

• Sealtalk1 reading

• Frequenz measurement (through In1-In4) for RPM / Frequenz (Terminal W of the Alternator or Sensor) (at the moment only intigrated in Openplotter)


Whats planed?:

•  I/O board with 8 Inputs (8-28V) and 8 Outputs (8-28V / 500mA)

• Analog Input board with 4 Inputs. For measure Voltage 12V, measure Shunt diff Voltage and measure Sensor Inputs (0-300Ohm)

=> It is possible to wire 4 of this boards to the MCS

• Compass and Sensor board



For More Information see the Support Side: