AvNav meets GeDaD MCS

There is something new...  ;-) After we have already implemented the MCS in Signalk and Openplotter, we are glad that the developers of AvNnav now also provide an integration for the MCS.

What is AvNav?:

AvNav is a powerful and intuitiv usable open source navigation software which provides many features. AvNav runs in a Server-Client mode. This means, that the AvNav Server runs on a raspberry Pi and any device which is connected with the network can easyly work as a navigation client.

How can I benifit with this?:

You can use the MCS with the AvNav image in your boat to collect and Provide all data you use. The image also includes SignalK. So all devices like GPS, AIS, speed etc. can connected to the MCS. The MCS with AvNav can convert the Data and provide them on other interfaces. Further you can use the Data in your AvNav to Navigate and show them. This offers endless possibilities...


A few impressions from AvNav:

Where can i found further informations?

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